Portable fan type ionizers

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ionizados SMC

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has met market demand for a rapid response portable fan type ionizer with the launch of its IZF21 / IZF31 Series. The new products boast a range of design features that deliver greater flexibility across a number of applications, such as PET bottles, packaging films and moulded goods and offer easy maintenance. 

The IZF21 / IZF31 have been designed with flexibility in mind, offering customers the ability to remove dangerous levels of static across an even wider area in under a second and achieve an ion balance of ±5 V. And being compact and slim, just 40 mm thick, both ionizers can be mounted in narrow spaces.

The smaller IZF21 can manage a flow rate up to 1.8 m³/min or achieve a 1.0 second discharge time, whilst the IZF31 can either neutralise static in 0.5 seconds or manage a flow rate up to 4.4 m³/min. An optional louver, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally, comes with five different angle settings for dispersing air, enabling customers to adjust the static neutralisation zone from a narrow to wide surface area.

SMC said: “The IZF21 / IZF31 offer our customers outstanding performance when it comes to static removal and control, plus guaranteed durability. Initial feedback has been extremely positive and we’re confident they will be a great addition to our existing range of ionizers.”

Key features include an averaging function that almost doubles the lifespan of the ionizers’ emitters. Product durability and reliability are enhanced thanks to four LED indicators that trigger up to seven alarms and an optional automatic cleaning function, with cleaning arms and brushes, that helps reduce contamination of the emitters. A filter can also be added to prevent foreign matter entering the motor, minimising the risk of short-circuits between emitters, which are easily replaced without the need for additional tools. 

The performance and stability of the IZF21 / IZF31 are further enhanced thanks to an automatic balance adjustment function. It has a built-in sensor that achieves a stable offset and reduces the adjustment time by constant monitoring of the offset voltage.